Streamsheets Feedback

Feature Ideas This is the place to discuss your ideas with us and the community. We are always looking for good input to better our product, so we are very happy to read your suggestions. Issues I am very much looking forward to working with all of you to get any issues that you may find reported to our development team. Sharing your experiences is very helpfull. Keep up the good work.
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About the Streamsheet Feedback category 2 April 11, 2019
Yaml as input format instead of its subset json 5 February 7, 2020
Raspberrypi 3b+ with 1.4-rpi configuration issue 2 January 7, 2020
Starting with streamsheets 9 October 31, 2019
Can't Read and Write Files 4 October 29, 2019
Error installing streamsheet due to internal-mongo/database 6 October 28, 2019
Installation fails on debian 3 October 27, 2019
Import of your examples is not possible 3 October 24, 2019
Installation on raspberry pi fails 20 October 23, 2019