[Beginner] What is a JSON-Range?

Streamsheets are using the JSON format to transfer and process data. Creating a JSON-Range in a Streamsheet helps you to easly structure your data keys in a hierarchical order. If you don´t know what JSON is, check out this post.

This is needed when you are about to transmit data and need it structured in a certain way.
In a Streamsheet this is possible by writing all your key value pairs below each other. After (or before) you are done, select all cells and right-click. Choose “Define JSON-Range” on the bottom of the menu.

Now you can start structuring your data using TAB and Shift+TAB to change the hierarchy of a key value pair.

Now the function JSON(C5:D11) will automatically include the implemented hirarchy, which prestructures e.g. message contents.

{“Interesting Data 1”:12,“Interesting Data 2”:15,“More Data”:{“Data from A”:17,“Data from B”:1234,“Data from C”:625,“Data from D”:892}}